Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunshower Quilts: Accuquilt Baby Go! Give-Away!!

Sunshower Quilts: Accuquilt Baby Go! Give-Away!!
In a few hours spring will officially be here, although I've been in "spring mode" for the past couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE winter, but there's something about setting those clocks ahead that makes me want to play all day long. I've been working on new patterns, tweaking old patterns, and giving some of my sewing machines (yes, plural- at last count there were 8) a good workout.
All this activity has made me want some new toys, and this is one I've had my eyes on. When I first saw the Accuquilt Go!, I thought it was a pretty neat idea, but it was the Baby Go! that really captivated me. Maybe it was the price, maybe the portability, but I think the real reason is I really like little things. I love my Featherweight, I love my two Chihuahuas, I think mice are adorable creatures, my smallest quilt measured only 1 1/2" square.
So when I learned Katrina of Sunshower Quilts is giving away a Baby Go!, I had to play along. And in the process I discovered a fun blog with some really helpful tutorials.

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