Saturday, December 11, 2010

A New Life for Maggie Mae

I've been neglecting this blog lately; it's so much faster and easier to post on Facebook. But this post is longer than a FB status update, and is about something I care deeply about- the fate of dogs in puppy mills.
Many of you know I have two "second-hand" dogs; prior to that we had ferrets from a ferret rescue. I am a firm believer in "adopt, not shop", and I put my money where my mouth is. Most rescues run on a shoestring budget. Sometimes there is simply no money to take in another animal, but there are animals they cannot turn their back on. I'm hoping some of you will be touched by the plight of Maggie May and will contribute to her care. She is not the only one; today four dogs began their new lives in loving foster homes thanks to Just a Touch Rescue.
The following is from an unbelievably dedicated foster mom named Eileen. She opens her home to those dogs needing the most care.

Today begins a new chapter in your sad life Maggie Mae. You are a 10 year old Bichon that was a slave to the mass breeding facilities. You gave your all and received nothing in return.

We picked you up today. You looked worn and tired and scared. You reminded me of this song by Rod Stewart, Maggie Mae.

The morning sun when it's in your eyes really shows your age. But that don't worry me none, in my eyes you are everything. And you are. You are the best and the bravest and the most loving mother and little white doll of a dog.

You see folks, in the puppymill Maggie Mae lived in a cage with wire for the floor. Her foot slipped through the wires and the dogs in the crate below her chewed off her trapped little foot. We believe that was years ago. I can't even imagine the horror and pain she went through. Yet the "breeders" kept her in that cage and continued to breed her, heat after heat. She must have been a good and kind and caring mother in spite of her pain and lack of a front paw. Or she would not have been kept in that prison. They would have disposed of her:((

Today marks a new and happier chapter for Mother Maggie Mae. She will learn that her needs will be met. That she will be warm and fed and loved. That she will NEVER be screamed at or handled roughly. She will have soft beds to sleep on and doggie and people friends to live out her life with. She will not ever be bred again. She is officially retired from working for a living. If life in a hellhole can be called living.

Maggie Mae has dental issues, mammary tumors and needs to be spay. She has a stump for a front leg where the paw was chewed off. If you can contribute a small amt toward her care it would be greatly appreciated. Just A Touch Rescue has taken her under their wing and will be caring for all her needs. Please pass this info along to your friends..if only to alert them to the horrors of the mass breeding facilities.Sadly there are thousands of other "Maggie Maes" waiting on the wires for rescue to come...

Thank you from all of us at Just A Touch Rescue and Mother Maggie Mae