Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And yet another pattern...

Totes for Two is my newest pattern, a pair of matching Mother/Daughter tote bags. It's a very simple pattern, using 1 yard each of two great fabrics for both totes. Every piece is individually lined, so by the time the tote is stitched together, all the lining is already there- no fussy finishing work left to do before you can enjoy your bags. Although it makes two items, it is not a Patty Piper pattern because each tote is individually cut and sewn. On the Patty Piper patterns, you cut, stitch, cut again, and create two quilts from the (already partially sewn) pieces.

Totes for Two, all the Patty Piper patterns, and more, will be available at the New England Quilt Designer's Cooperative booth at the Greater Hartford Quilt Guild show this weekend in New Britan, CT. Stop in to say hi. Mention this blog and get a free gift!

Who is Patty Piper...

and why does she piece in pairs? 
     Patty Piper is my alter ego. She's notoriously frugal with my stash, and tries to create quilts that make use of the scraps that would otherwise be tossed or, even worse, find a home in a dark corner of my sewing room where they could propagate like rabbits. She rears her quilty head from time to time.
    Patty Piper pieced pinwheels; painless pointless ones to be exact. And from those pinwheels she created two quilts. Not satisfied to end there, Patty Piper tackled circles next- twice! A remnant of Parrot home-dec fabric got Patty's creative juices going with Patty Piper Strikes Again (see photo in previous post). Knowing some quilters prefer smaller projects, Patty then pieced a pair of pretties for the dining room, Dinner with Patty Piper.